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Book Review: Roadside Crosses

Roadside Crosses is a suspense thriller by number one best-selling author Jeffery Deaver.  It is the final installment of a high-tech trilogy that explores the sinister side of the virtual world.  Roadside Crosses features kinesics expert Kathryn Dance, a CBI agent whose investigation of a series of murders on the Monterey Peninsula leads her into the cyber world.  Her investigation centres on troubled teenager Travis who is seeking revenge on those who cyberbullied him on a popular blog, The Chilton Report, for his part in a fatal car accident.  Deaver explores several aspects of the online world, such as blogging, gaming and social networking.  He plays with the idea that the more information people post about themselves online, the more vulnerable they become.  What sets this novel apart, however, is that it incorporates the digital world into the plot in a very real way.  Every forty or fifty pages there is a URL which the reader can use to look up the fictional blog, The Chilton Report, online and find more clues related to the book’s plot.  This blending of fiction with cyberspace adds a sinister element of reality to the story.  A typical Deaver novel, it has a fast-paced plot that endures a number of twists before the final blow is dealt.  It leaves the reader with a chilling insight into the potential dangers of the minefield that is the virtual world.